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    For every purchase on The Explorers, we give back 10% to The Explorers Foundation, which supports field actions to preserve biodiversity.

    Concrete field actions protecting biodiversity

    10% of your purchases is donated to support concrete field actions protecting biodiversity.

    Scarlet macaws in Honduras, sea turtles in French Polynesia, American crocodiles in Jamaica... Discover the projets and take action!


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    The Explorers Universe

    The first planet inventory

    The Explorers is a team of explorers, media professionals, scientists and artists serving a great cause and a common goal: creating the first planet inventory to showcase the wealth our Earth in 8K HDR.

    "Know better to protect better"

    The Explorers

    The Explorers +, a SVOD offer in high definition (8K HDR)

    Our many expeditions will take you to unique places that reflect the richness of life on Earth, its diversity, its wonders and its fragilities.

    The Explorers, awarded "TV App of the year 2019 by Apple"

    Explore the world with a growing community and contribute to the Earth inventory by sharing your photos and videos.

    Meet The Explorers community!

    The Earth Inventory

    The Explorers inventories our planet’s natural and cultural treasures. Discover the world in the highest standards: 4KHDR and 8KHDR.

    Know better to protect better.


    Wear your commitment to the protection of biodiversity with the Explorers T-Shirt! 1 Iguana t-shirt purchased = 3€ donated to a preservation action of an endangered species. Discover the six actions we support through our Foundation and choose the one we'll donate this amount. All details on our website (link in bio). Did you know that we give back 10% of your purchases to actions working towards protecting biodiversity? The Explorers Foundation, our endowment fund, supports 6 NGOs leading concrete field actions for the protection of endangered species: • sea turtles in French Polynesia • lemurs in Madagascar • scarlet macaws in Honduras • American crocodiles in Jamaica • humpback whales in French Polynesia • radiated tortoises in MadagascarFor every purchase, 10% is donated to the action of your choice 😊 Check our link in bio for all the details! Michka, one of our director of photography (and what an athlete!) wearing his favourite outfit during our expedition in the Massif des Écrins👌 Comfortable essentials for the outdoors designed to follow our expedition teams around the world. The Explorers clothing line for men and women is now available for everyday explorers in their urban getaways or their adventure in nature. With an environment-friendly approach, 10% of your purchases are given back to projects working toward protecting biodiversity. Protecting sea turtles in French Polynesia, research on lemurs in Madagascar... Choose the conservation project you'd like us to make a donation to! (Link in bio.) How were your summer explorations? 🤩 Charlotte had a wonderful time hiking in the Beaufortain Massif, with an Explorers t-shirt on top of that ☺️ Thanks for sharing @chalalmy!